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Adoption Costs

AKC Limited Registration --- (Pet spay/neuter by 2 yrs old)  Females or  Males $1200 . (Spayed/neutered can still do Agility and Obedience Show classes)

Full AKC Registration -----
full breeding/showing rights - Females- Males $1700.

Other costs/fees

1)     $30 microchip & insertion fee will be applied. There is a separate fee of $15 you will be prompted to pay upon registering your microchip online after you get your puppy home.  Registering your chip entails providing your name , address and contact information. I the unfortunate event your puppy is lost, a vet's office or humane society can scan your puppy/dog for a microchip and find one, and get your contact info from that to be able to get in contact with you and get your dog back home. We also encourage you to use an I.D. tag for the collar.

2)      A $34.99 check payable to AKC Registration will be necessary for your puppy's registration send off. I will take care of the AKC paperwork for you, and you will receive your puppy's registration papers through the mail.